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Botanical Bath Tea (set of 2)


Are you ready to turn bath time into a relaxing escape? 

Adrianne’s Naturals Botanical Bath Tea in Garden Escape is a tranquil bath time floral paradise all in a 2oz tube.

Sold in sets of 2. 

Take a 20-30 min escape in a steamy tub and soak off the stresses of the day; allowing the aroma to take over relaxing your mind and body as the salt mixture soothes your achy muscles.

For a complete home spa experience exfoliate with Adrianne’s Naturals Himalayan Body Scrub to reveal new radiant, glowing skin. The Botanical Bath Tea can also continue to melt the negative energy away by pairing the Bath Tea with Adrianne’s Naturals Body Butter, for a non- greasy silky ending.

Ingredients: epson salt, himalayan salt, dried rose buds, dried lavender, essential oil blend