I am Adrianne of Adrianne's Naturals and my love for hair and skin care started a long time ago. I can remember braiding my friends hair as far back as middle school; and even then I was always looking for ways to perfect my craft.

After graduating high school I went straight to cosmetology school; I learned all about hair, skin, nails, and make-up, and passed state board in 2008. 

In 2017 I realized I wanted to be more than just a stylist. I quickly started to research natural ingredients and their benefits on the skin and the hair, and started to use these creations on my clients.

The honest feedback I received was motivation enough for me to keep going, growing, and improving my products. I also found motivation in helping people with skin conditions that became irritated with the popular brands, and those who suffered from dry damaged hair, and flaky scalp no matter what they tried. 

Adrianne’s Naturals started as a brainstorm with the goal in mind to create products that were all-natural and most important effective. The idea was to help improve skin, hair, and scalp conditions using nothing but all-natural ingredients.

I feel in love with researching the benefits of all-natural ingredients, how to mix them, and seeing the improvements of my customers scalp, hair, and skin first hand. I have been able to grow and improve Adrianne’s Naturals product line, and stay motivated to the mission by valuing the feedback of my customers.