Q. Does Adrianne’s Naturals need refrigeration? 

A. No, Adrianne’s Naturals does not need refrigeration. In warner weather keep butters in a cool place to prevent the products from becoming liquid. Refrigeration is fine but will cause products to become firm. Remove from fridge before use to allow product to soften for easier application. 

Q. Does Adrianne’s Naturals contain chemicals or preservatives? 

A. No, Adrianne’s Naturals does not contain chemicals and only contains natural preservatives. 

Q. Is Adrianne’s Naturals safe for kids? 

A. Yes, Adrianne’s Naturals is safe for kids; I do recommend doing a patch test for any concerns you may have.

Q. Is It safe to use Adrianne’s Naturals everyday? 

A. Yes, Adrianne’s Naturals is safe for everyday use. The only product that is not recommended to be used daily is Adrianne’s Naturals Himalayan Salt Scrub and Brown Sugar Face Scrub. Being that they are for exfoliating it is only recommended to be used a once a week at minimal. 

Q. Can I use the Himalayan Salt Scrub on my face? 

A. No, salts have a jagged edge making it too rough to be used on the sensitive skin of the face. This scrub is intended for use the body only. For the face we recommend the Brown Sugar Face Scrub