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“Natural Beauty" Duo


Are you ready for younger looking, glowing skin?

Adrianne's Naturals "Natural Beauty" Duo is exactly what you need. This duo is all natural and starts with cleansing the skin. After cleaning the skin the peppermint leaves behind this fresh feeling, the essential oils are known to add anti aging properties, and the rose water not only adds to the anti aging but it also:

  • Assist in maintaining the skins PH balance
  • Controls excess oil
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Hydrates, moisturizes, and nourishes
  • Antibacterial properties
  • The smell enhances the mood

Next comes the Hydrating Mist. This mist is also contains rose water so that you continue to further benefit throughout the day. The mist also contains the same essential oil bled that supports the rose water in fighting fine lines; as well as other anti aging properties. The rose Hip seed oil assists with giving you glowing skin, reduces hyperpigmentation, moisturizes, is antibacterial, and adds to the anti aging properties. The best part about the mist is that it acts as a humectant; drawing in moisture.

Achieve "Natural Beauty" with our 8oz. face wash and 4oz. face mist; this duo is made with ingredients gentile enough for sensitive and problem skin. 

Ingredients: (Face Wash) castle soap, organic rose water, essential oil blend

ingredients: (Face Mist) organic rose water, napca, organic rose hip seed oil, essential oil blend