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Adrianne’s Naturals Stimulating Oil


Are you ready to improve your scalp health? 

Adrianne’s Naturals Stimulating Oil is an effective combination of Organic and essential oils designed to combat dandruff, dry, and itchy scalp, while nourishing the hair; adding luster and shine all in one 2oz bottle. 

The oils work together to improve the health and appearance of the scalp while stimulating the follicles for growth.

Adrianne’s Naturals Stimulating Scalp Oil can be used on a freshly washed scalp and during protective styling. For best results use the oil a minimum of 2-3 times a week applying directly to the scalp and massaging 3-5 min. to aid in scalp stimulation.  

Ingredients: castor oil, chamomile, Moroccan, essential oil blend

Adrianne’s Naturals Herb Infused Stimulating oil gives you all the benefits of the original formula with even more strength. This version is infused with Horsetail and  Nettle; two herbs that are known to:

- Combat hair loss

-Promote hair growth

-Strengthen the hair 

-Fight dandruff 

-Add luster

-Improve hair texture 

These herbs have been used over time to promote hair growth and help keep the hair strong and full. The Adrianne’s Naturals Herb Infused Stimulating Oil undergoes a 12 hour infusing process; taking special precautions not to burn or cook the infusion. The goal is to allow the herb’s oils and healing properties to be released into our stimulating oil in a gentle manner; making sure to preserve its healing properties. 

Ingredients: horsetail and nettle infused castor oil, chamomile, Moroccan, essential oil blend

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